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Custom Bookbinding Since 1942

With our hand made albums produced in Farmingdale, New York, Leather Craftsmen is recognized by prestigious photographers as the premiere wedding and special event album maker throughout the United States and abroad.

Why i love the 8500 matted album

Alison Conklin

See how the 8500 Matted Album has become an important staple to Alison's studio and separates her from studios that offer only Flush Style Albums.

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Our handcrafted albums offer a broad range of flush and matted styles

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A wide variety of standard and custom choices to match your client’s needs


Personalize your albums with Standard Cover Imprinting, UV Laser Imprinting, Custom Logos, and Studio Imprinting 


Custom made slipcases to accessorize your albums in leather, fabric, and acrylic


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