300 Traditional Flush

Premium album, hand-made and crafted by professional bookbinders

300 Traditional Series  

• Cover has rounded corners

• Hand hammered rounded spine

• French groove

• Rounded pages with gilding

• Squared corner pages without gilding

• Linen hinge

• Hubs on spine

Square Rectangle (Vertical or Horizontal)
5 x 5 8 x 8 10 x 10
12 x 12 14 x 14
5 x 7 6 x 8   6 x 9
7 x 10 8 x 10 8 x 12
9 x 12 10 x 12  10 x 13
10 x 14 10 x 15 11 x 14

Custom sizes available upon request


We print from JPEG format files. Lossless or highest quality JPEG compressions are more than adequate for high quality printing.

Save your 300 dpi files in sRGB color space in 8-bit color, not 16-bit, to achieve the best print results. 

Please do NOT embed any soft proofing ICC printing profiles.   

No CMYK, Grayscale, RAW, PSD or LZW compressed files, and if you work in layers, be sure to flatten the file and remove any extra channels before sending.

  • We need to trim your prints to make the album flush and just exactly perfect.
  • Canvas size should be 100%. (Example: For a 10 x 10 album, give us exactly 10 x 10 jpegs for your single sides and exactly 10 x 20 jpegs for your spreads. Do Not add bleed).
Trim Specs for Non Gilded Albums
We recommend at least 1/2″ safe zone when floating images.
We trim approximately 1/8″ off all four sides of an open spread. 
We trim nothing from the gutter sides (middle line) if you choose Split Edition.
Trim Specs for Gilded Albums
We recommend at least 5/8″ safe zone when floating images.
We trim approximately 3/16″ off all four sides of an open spread. 
We trim nothing from the gutter sides (middle line) if you choose Split Edition.

Recommended PhotoShop Guides for Non-Gilded Albums and Gilded Albums are shown below:


For the 300 Flush Style Album, your are generally sending us single side files and only sending spreads when choosing a panorama.

This album usually starts on the “Right Side with a Single Side”. It is always called #1.

Note: Right side pages are always odd numbers. Left side pages are always even numbers.

You do have two other first page options:

1- “Invitation Page”

2- “Side # 1 Blank-First Image on Side#2”

When starting on the “Right Side with a Single Side” – Number you files 01.jpg through how many files you have.

When starting with – “Invitation Page” or “Side # 1 Blank-First Image on Side#2” – Number you files 02.jpg through how many files you have.

If you have any panoramas, they must have to numbers for the left side and right side. It will always be an even_odd number such as 12_13.jpg

We prefer just the numbers. Long file names such as “01_Amy_Brian_Wedding_November_28.jpg” make it difficult for us to create contact sheets for your album order.

Example below shows how to name your files when staring on the “Right Side with a Single Side” page and includes two panoramas. Total number of files is 18. Total side count is 20 because of the two panoramas.

Your online order form will look like this:

(1) Upload Directly Through Our Website (Easiest way to place your order)
  • Prepare your files in your preferred software for Print/Bind (If Design/Print/Bind just have your files named in relative sequence of event)
  • Name your files
  • Place files in job folder on your desktop. (Feel free to include PDF or Jpeg diagrams for specific cover requests)
  • Name folder with studio reference – (ex: Susan_Mark_Wedding)
  • Click Place Order Here, on the Home Page, or on the “Place Order” tab on the right
  • Fill out online order form
  • Upload your job folder
(2) Third Party
(3) Snail Mail
  • Mail your CD using PDF Order Form to

    Leather Craftsmen

    6 Dubon Ct
    Farmingdale, NY 11735

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300 Traditional Series


Mounted Flush to Page

Hand mounted prints reach the edges to perfection.


Over 25 standard sizes (Vertical, Horizontal, Square).


This is our time honored traditional flush style album with linen hinges.


Offered with standard round corned gilded pages.

Our 300 Flush Traditional Series


This time honored flush style album harkens all the way back to our humble beginnings.

For the select clientele who prefer a very traditional library bound flush album with rounded spine with hubs, and rounded gilded pages, we still offer this retro album.

“When a company has been around for a long time, there is always a good reason why”

© Gregory Daniel


Bound to forever…

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