Ftp Service

Our FTP Service is recommended if you have trouble ordering directly from our website.

For an FTP account to be established, please either email ftp@leathercraftsmen.com or contact LC (631) 752-9000 and make your request. You will be issued a username and password for use with the FTP server. We recommend that you have a broadband Internet service in your home/studio. Lastly, you’ll need an FTP client program to connect to the Leather Craftsmen FTP server.

A Google search for “FTP” will bring up a list for these types of applications.

The new IP Address for FTP is or ftp.leathercraftsmen.com

Windows Platform: On our PCs, a lot of us use FileZilla or FTP Surfer from Whisper Technology. 

MAC Platform: Most of us use either FileZilla, Fetch or Cyber Duck. 

No. Leather Craftsmen does not design or write the applications used to FTP files over the Internet. However, there are many third party software developers that do make FTP client software available.

Complete the interactive PDF order form for the Print and Bind product you wish to order and place it in your job folder.

These forms are designed to be used with either Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro. NOT Preview, NOT Safari, NOT Firefox, NOT an Internet Browser. Either use Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro, otherwise they will not work correctly. Before you start using the order form, save it to your computer, then reopen it with Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro.

Once the job has completely uploaded, send ftp@leathercraftsmen.com an email letting us know. 

Subject Line is: Order in FTP Folder — Studio Name = XXXXXX  >> Studio Reference = XXXXXX 

Hi LC,

Please look in the FTP folder of:
Studio Name = XXXXXX (Enter your studio name here).
Acct # = XXXXXX (Enter your Leather Craftsmen Acct # here).
FTP Username = XXXX (Enter your FTP user name, NOT your LC website user name).

The job is in a subfolder name = (ENTER YOUR JOB NAME HERE)

The order form and jpgs are in the folder.

Your Name Here

Within 2-3 business days, your job will be hand inspected, then you’ll get an email confirmation back with an ACK #. Save that email with the job.

If you’re new or need to update your credit card payment method, you’ll want to download and either email, snail mail or fax a Credit Card Authorization to beverly@leathercraftsmen.com

More Questions? Contact Us!